Metabolic Balance®

15th Metabolic Balance® Annual Congress 2018

Scaling New Heights

We’re delighted to invite you to the 15th Annual Congress of Metabolic Balance GmbH & Co. KG, held at our company headquarters in Isen. A great mix of exciting presentations, delicious food and time for interaction and conversation awaits you.

You can look forward to exceptional speakers and hand-picked topics from the fields of medicine, nutrition and motivation.

In addition to presentations by Ms. Birgit Funfack and Ms. Silvia Bürkle, we are especially delighted to welcome this year’s guest speakers: Sascha Kugler, Alexander Leipold – four-time European champion, two-time world champion and Olympic gold medal winner in freestyle wrestling, Klaus Novoczin, Dr. Ulrich Selz and Dr. Tobias Sokolowski.

Register today – it’s definitely worth it and there are only a few spots left.

Come join us for an exciting day in Isen!

Saving the best for last

  • All participants are entered into a raffle for the chance to win a grand prize (one-week spa vacation in South Tyrol incl. travel allowance)
  • We show our gratitude – honors and awards
  • Introducing the competition “Together we are strong”

Event Speakers:

Birgit Funfack

Ms Birgit Funfack

The power of words and language

Realize the strength of your thoughts and the power of your words. Observe yourself while speaking. Listen to yourself with awareness. Ms. Funfack describes how telling our words and wording are – because they reveal more about us than we think.

Silvia Bürkle

Ms. Silvia Bürkle

Food-drug interactions

In her fascinating presentation, Ms. Bürkle provides background information as well as the most recent scientific findings on the interactions between pharmaceuticals, food, environmental toxins (nicotine) and alcohol. An issue that concerns us all.

Sascha Kugler

Mr. Sascha Kugler

„Success with spirit and a system – learning from Olympic champions“

What are the key factors of success? In an extensive study, numerous Olympic champions and top athletes (world champions, European champions, medal winners) evaluated the roots of their success. Sascha Kugler will show you how we can learn from their insights and how this information can be put into practice.

Alexander Leipold

Mr. Alexander Leipold

„If you don’t fight, you’ve already lost – believe in yourself“

Alexander Leipold is a multiple European, World and Olympic champion wrestler and a recipient of the German Order of Merit. His incredible story shows that everything is possible and achievable! In his presentation, Mr. Leipold offers unusual solutions on the way to personal success in spite of adversity.

Klaus Nowoczin

Mr. Klaus Nowoczin

Overtired is the new overweight

Sleep is turning from a basic need into a lifestyle trend. In his eye-opening presentation, successful sleep therapist Klaus Nowoczin shows how important good sleep is for mental and physical performance, how not getting enough sleep affects our metabolism, and how restful sleep can be attained.

Dr. Ulrich Selz

Dr. Ulrich Selz

New client in phase 2 – are digestive problems inevitable?

Dr. med. Ulrich Selz illustrates the basics of microecology and digestion. Among other things, he explains the origins and contexts of apparent digestive problems in the initial phase of dietary change. At the same time, he offers strategies of how you can help your client make it through this phase and lend therapeutic support.

Dr. Tobias Sokolowski

Dr. Tobias Sokolowski

Functionality of the stomach, liver and pancreas – preventive measures

In his highly interesting presentation, Dr. Sokolowski sheds light on the interactions and functionality of the stomach, liver and pancreas. At the same time, he talks about preventive measures to support the interactions and functions of these organs.